Goup Chick

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Tap to fly, and go up! Becarefull! Don't hit another blocks, except the mini floor that you spawn!

You begin on a platform and can jump either left or right. You start out with a score of 100, and lose 10 points every time you hit either a wall or a red spiked ball. Thus you have 10 lives. The cave is filled with obstacles along the way. These are either demarcated by orange/blue strobe-like lighting moving around the objects, or by occasional flashes of lightning which show the course more clearly. Another obstacle present are the red spinning platforms, but those should rarely be an issue. In the later levels, the red spiked balls become an issue, as they bounce rather fiercely, and move rapidly, thus making contact very likely. For the last level, losing 1 life is inevitable as you spawn under a spinning platform and can't avoid hitting your head against it no matter how long you wait.

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