Flip out

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Tap to make the tools rotate faster and center the target.

For all levels, an object will begin by shooting up from its initial position. Tapping the object will make it rotate faster. For different levels, the object will shoot up to a different height, thus requiring you to tap at a different time (or if at all). Breaking it down by the 4 levels: Knife: The Knife has to land with the blade sticking into the wooden box. There is room for error, it can land slightly diagonally to the right or left. Axe: The axe must land with the axehead sticking into the block of tree. Again there is room for error, particularly on the head of the axe (the bottom not as much as it is inhibited by the handle). Pickaxe: The pickaxe must land with the left hand side wedged into the gold block (since it rotates counterclockwise). Similar margin or error to the axe. Bottle: Essentially just a bottle flip (the other levels also to a certain extent). You cannot land it on the bottle cap.

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