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Swipe to make the cube jump in that direction. White platforms get destroyed if you step and then leave the platforms. Green platforms increases the jump distance by 1, and gets destroyed after you leave it. Red platforms decrease your jump by 1 (if it goes to 0, then it puts it back at 1) and gets destroyed after leaving the tile. Gray tiles act as 2 tiles to be destroyed, meaning you have to step on the tile twice to fully destroy it. Black tiles are 3 tiles stacked together. Blue tiles are starting portals and orange tiles are destination portals, as the blue tile teleports you to the orange tile set by the creator, however, if you try to teleport to the blue tile while the orange tile linked to that blue portal is missing, you teleport to the floor and die, stepping on the orange tile does nothing, and both gets destroyed after leaving the platform. (Fanfact: there was intended to be a troll block, which kills you if you step on it, but due to criticisms about this being unfair, it was removed.) You win if you destroy all necessary tiles, and you lose if you fall into the floor.

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