Ghost Guide

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Guide the ghosts to their respective colors by tapping the signs!

You must guide different coloured ghosts into their correct dugouts. There are 4 different ghosts, red, green, yellow and blue; and each one of them has a dugout they must be guided to. These dugouts are marked by a rectangle above the dugout, indicating the colour. Between the dugouts and the ghosts are paths which gradually spread out. They split along intersections, which have arrow signs next to them. The ghost will follow the direction of the arrow, and you can flip the arrow from left to right by tapping the sign. There are two main layers of intersections. The first layer has one intersection which will separate the red and yellow, from the green and blue. The second layer has two intersections. The first will separate the red and yellow combined path into only red, and only yellow. Similarly, the second one separates the green and blue combined path into only green and only blue. As the game progresses, the worms arrive more frequently, and after around the 50 score, you have the maximum frequency of ghosts.

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