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Control 2 dots and laser between them at the same time to destroy enemies. Be together, but not much. Better to play with friend! Good luck.

The two dots, blue and red, are each controlled separately and can move independently from one another. They are conjoined by a white rope, which gets thinner as the two dots move apart. Cannons spawn into the game, and shoot at the nearest dot. Your job is to get the cannons in between the dots, in the white rope, which kills them. However, if the rope is too thin, it will have no effect on the cannon. Death is caused by being shot by a cannon, hitting a cannon, or if any of the dots move out of the circular map. The game start out with only one cannon spawning. After a score of 10, they begin spawning in sets of two. The rate of spawning speeds up, but is then broken by grace periods, leading a wave like system of spawning. You gain one point per cannon killed.

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