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Eat, Grow, Survive, Kill, Be Biggest! Larger snake is King.

Move left or right to turn accordingly; the snake is in constant motion. Holding both will give you a speed boost (and won't diminsh your score unlike typical .io games). In this game, the player controls a snake which can eat different coloured pellets to become larger. The objective is to survive for as long as possible, and preferably to remain the biggest snake for as long as possible. You are the biggest snake when you see a crown above your head. Any enemy snake hitting the player's snake would die and vice versa. Moreover, if the player snake touches the map's border, they will die too. Note that the snakes are controlled by AI, not by other players. In this game, levels are treated as different game modes. There are 4 game modes: Normal: the regular mode. Kill More: the players gets to kill more snake. Battles Royale: a large number of players fight until one snake remains. Quick Game: like regular mode, except that the game is quicker.

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