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Help Nick in his road connection project. Swipe to move and tap anywhere to rotate or use road functions. Visuals by LooKing?

You play as a construction worker whose goal is to connect all the roads together. Tap to rotate the road clockwise by 90 degrees. Swipe to move to a road that is connected to each other. In later levels, more mechanics are introduced: Level 11 introduces fixed roads. Indicated with a red dash surrounding a red dotted square, they cannot be rotated. Level 16 introduces manholes. When they are tapped, they are transported into the other manhole with the same color instead. Level 26 introduces cones. They hinder your movement from either going to another road or the road itself. Level 28 introduces a powerup, which clears cones of the same color. Level 36 introduces linked roads. Indicated with a plus sign, when this road is rotated, other roads with the same color rotate as well. The score is counted based on the number of moves the character has moved to another road. Moving from a manhole does not count.

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