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Combine red and blue cubes. But you'll meet traps, gaps, enemy and more! Oh, and no one should die, even enemy. Good Luck! -.-

Swipe to move both red and blue in that direction at the same time, to win, they have to be orthogonaly adjacent to each other. A button, if held by one of the squares, can activate a door and open it, if the square standing on the button left the button, the door deactivates, and if there is no square currently on a deactivated open door, it closes. A green square acts simularly to the red square and blue square (swipe to move in the direction) but if any of the squares is orthogonally adjacent to the green square, you lose. If any square hits the red target-looking blocks, you lose. A key (colored hollow square) can be collected by any square and unlocks the corrosponding colored door.

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