Path Seeker

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A maze game. Swipe to move.

In the start, if theres only one choice to take that the path thinks to take, tap to move, in a branching path, swipe a direction to choose that choice. A red x block acts like a normal path when choosing a route, but you can't be on it. The path you take will become a yellow tile and will also act as a red x. A colored checkerboard with a dark gray outline are portals, and will teleport you to the same colored portal set by the developer, and will continue to move you to that direction, despite the route being taken unless the portal takes you to branching paths most of the time. Dark-gray checkered tiles act like theres no blocks at all. Get to the white tile to win, move to the void, hit a red x box, a yellow tile, a darkgray tile, or land on a deadend, and you lose.

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