Mini Golf

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Play Mini Golf in Enjoy4fun! Play through 50 different holes, each with a new challenge!

You spawn on a map with the floor colour indicating a certain set of levels. The floor is usually surrounded by walls, and a golf hole marked with a red flag. You can shoot when a white circle flashes around your golf ball. To shoot, pull back in the opposite direction of your desired location. The longer you pull, the stronger your shot will be. The strength is indicated by little cubes, which point in the direction that you pull. The weakest shot is 1 green cube, and the strongest is 5 red cubes, with yellow cubes indicating moderate strength. When approaching the golf hole, the red flag and pole will lift out of the hole, thus it will not block your shot. However if too much force is applied, the golf ball will jump over the golf hole You do not have unlimited shots. The amount available is shown by the amount of golf clubs visible at the bottom of your screen. If your shot is out of bounds (not on the designated floor), you lose a shot and are returned back to where you were before the shot. One additional entity worth mentioning are the snow blocks in the snow levels (20-30), and the grass & sand blocks in the beach levels (30-40) which slow your golf ball down.

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