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Uh oh! Copies of fake money have been feeding through a machine. You need to sort them out before you go bankrupt!

The game begins by showing you the 5 acceptable units, the 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100 bills; and then an example of a counterfeit. The bills can be forged in different ways: They can be entirely nonsensical, which are the easiest to spot. The font of the number. The spacing between the numbers (10, 50, 100). The colour of the number Incorrect note values (such as 2 or 60). Missing or distorted shapes/patterns inside of the bill. The game progresses by including more conveyor belts and increasing the speed of them. The game terminates if you fail to catch a counterfeit. If you incorrectly select legitimate currency, the game is not lost. Instead a time lag is placed disabling you from choosing currency. The more times you do this, the longer the lag, and thus the more costly it is to commit an error.

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