Linked Bots

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These bots are linked! Kill enemies with a laser between Blue Bot and Red Bot as much as you can.

You begin in the centre of the board. The red bot is stationary, whereas the blue bot moves in a circular orbit around the red bot, through being linked by the white beam. Tapping the screen will make the red bot stationary, and have the blue bot move instead. Thus through alternating, you can move. Your aim is to kill enemies by having them collide with the white beam that links the two bots. If an enemy touches a bot, the game ends. Note that the enemies will move towards the stationary bot only. There are two enemies, red and yellow. The only difference between them is speed, where yellow bots are significantly faster. The game can be thought of in two waves, the first one being from 0 to 33 score, and the second one being anything above 33. After a brief pause when you reach a score of 33, the enemies spawn at a significantly greater rate, sharply increasing the difficulty.

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