Turn The World

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Tap right to turn clockwise. Tap left to turn anticlockwise

In this world you cannot directly move the ball by having it rotate left and right in and of itself. Rather, you must rotate the world by means of holding the right (clockwise) of left (anticlockwise) hand of the screen. The world is bound by gravity which acts downwards. Thus, turning the map clockwise will move the ball to the right. Your objective is to use the blocks around you to get into position so as to be able to reach the floating square. When the floating square in on top of a surface, then you merely get to that point. However, if the floating square is not surrounded by walls, then aligning the ball and square in a vertical line is the solution. You fail the game if you fall out of the map. Keep in mind that "down" changes as you rotate the map, creating a lagged/momentum effect. Thus it is very easy to overestimate the amount of rotation you need. Later stages (level 16 onwards) feature blue blocks which can also be moved. Usually, the solution is either to drop the blue blocks out of the map entirely, or to move them strategically so as to allow the white ball to move.

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