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Solitaire-type game following the osmosis rule.

The leftmost 16 cards, with 4 cards spread fanwise each is called the reserve. The 4 piles to the right are called foundations. The remaining pile found at the top is called the stock. Cards which are flipped face-up from the stock are called waste pile. The objective of the game is to drag all cards into the foundation pile. Tap the stock to deal three cards. Once the stock is empty, tap to turn over the waste pile, forming another stack. A card, which is face up, without any cards blocking it, may be moved over to the foundation pile. They can be only placed when: If the foundation pile is the topmost, the suit matches the first card in it. e.g. K♠ may be played to the topmost foundation A♠, 10♠, Q♠ If the foundation pile is empty and the above foundation is not empty, the rank matches the first card in the topmost foundation. e.g. A♦ may be played to the first empty foundation if the first card in the topmost foundation is A♣ Otherwise, the rank can be found in the previous foundation, and the same suit in the current founation ("osmosis"). e.g. 5♥ may be played to the foundation A♥, 3♥, K♥ if the previous foundation is A♣, K♣, 5♣, 10♣, 3♣ In the Peek variant, all Reserve cards are face up. The normal version has non-exposed cards faced down.

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