The Four

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The player must remove the blocks from under the blue cube. Removing each cube increases score by 5 points. After hitting 250 score, the game changes from a green to an orange background. Red pieces begin the appear within the tower. The difference between red and yellow pieces, is that when the blue cube touches a red piece, it automatically vanishes without yielding any points. Thus red pieces are dangerous an unreliable. After a score of 500, the background changes to red, and the amount of red pieces increases. From that point, it is an infinite game until the blue cube falls off. There are 2 modes. The first mode is just what was explained above (and also the mode present in Battle), whereas Mode 2 is under a timer; you have to move down the tower quickly. You can trigger game over by having the cube be cropped out of the map from above. The camera also does not follow the cube like it does in Mode 1. It also starts with a purple colour instead of green.

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