Snek Warfare

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Collect pellets, grow bigger, gain ammo, kill snakes

Tap on either the left or right arrow to go in the corresponding direction. Holding down both yields a speed boost (Note: Unlike some other io games, speed boosting does not lose mass/score). Tap the grey button in the middle to shoot. Pellets show up as small green dots. whereas bullets show up as larger yellow boxes. Eating a pellet yields 1 score and grows your snake by one block. A longer snake makes kills easier, but you are also more prone to being shot by other snakes. You can only hold a maximum of 3 bullets, so collecting additional ones doesn't do anything. There are two ways to kill snakes, either cut them off or shoot them. To cut them off, you must make sure that the opponent snake's head touches your body. Head on collisions usually do not end well. You get the full score of the snake when killing in this way; the longer the snake the higher the score. If you run it into the wall, you do not get any score. Shooting the snake will remove all of the snake's body behind the bullet. Only a headshot will kill the whole snake. For example, if you shoot the first block behind a snake, you will have a stray head running around. Your score increases with the amount of snake you kill (so removing 3-4 blocks of a long snake would be around the same as killing a small snake). While the bots aren't good at cutting you off, they are decently accurate with shooting, so beware the bullets. In addition to the above two methods, you can also die by running into boulders. Thus, do not do that.

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