Flip It

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Turn all tiles face down to progress. Each time you flip a tile, some adjacent tiles will also flip. Six variants available!

There are 3 shape variations, and 2 state variations, totalling a number of 6 levels. All of which use a 6x6 board, with some tiles flipped showing a symbol, colored or not, depending of the state. The objective is to flip every tile to its original state (checkered tile). Using the designated shape in the chosen level, the player can tap any tile to flip the current tile and the neighbouring tiles: Plus: Flip the orthogonally adjacent neighbours. Cross: Flip the diagonally adjacent neighbours. Square: Flip the orthogonally and diagonally adjacent neighbours. The number besides the level show how many states there are + 1 more state (checkered). One point is scored for each board solved. More tiles are progressively flipped upon every score. To submit the score, the player may tap the exit button, located just below the board. Scores are saved each time a board is solved.

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