Orb Match

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Shift the grid to create groups of 4 or more orbs

Initially, you begin with 6 colours (red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, purple). You can either drag a row left or right, or drag a column up and down. To clear groups of orbs, a certain color must have at least 4 orbs going through a continuous path horizontally, vertically, or both (it need not only be a straight line, for example a 2x2 box of the same colour suffices). When you clear a group, new orbs will spawn in. Each successive clear of groups yield an additional turn, provided you have not reached the maximum possible amount of turns. Multiple groups that could be cleared in the current board's state yields only one additional turn. Coins are increased by the number of the orbs in the group minus 4. Without upgrades you have one turn. For each move, you consume one of it. You can increase the amount of lives in the shop by acquiring "More Moves". The amount available will be displayed by grey squares under the game screen. As the game progresses, more colours get introduced, decreasing the chances of getting a group. The game ends when you have no turns left.

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