3D Solitaire

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Drag cards to certain places. The objective of the game is to build the four foundations up from Ace to King, with cards of similar suit. (e.g. A♠, 2♠, 3♠, …, K♠) An exposed card (a card with no other cards blocking it) may be transferred to: an empty foundation, if the card is an Ace. a foundation of the same suit, if it follows the ascending sequence. another column, if the top card forms a descending sequence of alternating color e.g. 6♠ on a 7♦ or J♥ on a Q♣, stacking the card. an empty column, if the card is a King. A stack of face up cards may also be transferred to another column, if the bottom one of the stack follows the rules above. The stock can be tapped to deal three cards into the waste pile. (One card is only dealt in the Easy mode.) When tapped and the stock is empty, the waste pile turns over to form a new stock.

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