Amazing Solitaire

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Amazing Solitaire is a thinking game where you stack all given cards in the deck by ascending or descending order. Train your brain by playing solitaire that require skill, strategy and patience to win. In addition to the solitaire experience, you can enjoy features such as reshuffling cards, counting your moves, and checking your overall statistics to see your playing habits and achievements. There are three difficulty settings, and also three game modes so you can find the perfect pace for you: One suit, two suits, and four suits. Don't forget to take advantage of hints and the undo/redo power-ups! Don't forget to share Amazing Solitaire with your friends!

Use your finger or left mouse button to select a tile. You can either use your numeric keys or the in-game panel to fill in a number. You must figure out the proper digits for each space. Every row, column, and section must contain one of every single digit. If you get stuck, use a hint!

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