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Puppy Crush is a very complete puzzle game, and if you are a fan of such games, it will keep you playing for a long time. For each level, you will have a goal that needs to be achieved with a finite number of moves. To eliminate the elements present on the board, simply select a set of at least two adjacent identical cubes. After eliminating at least 6 squares of the same color, you will receive a bonus item. You'll also complete quests, unlock chests, and more throughout the game. Please be careful to complete the level with the maximum score, as unlike other games, this game does not allow you to return to a completed level. If you can, get the highest score in Puppy Crush and all its MEDALS!

Click Blast, and continue clicking to win the level! Click Blast, and continue clicking to win the level! Just click Play to show your reaction speed and eliminate skills! Raise your finger, tap the screen, the most fascinating puzzle. Get this wonderful game for free today, smash the cube and win! Mixed enhancement can achieve greater results, thus solving the problem. Interesting games for all ages and endless cube hours - Blasting fun! Easy and interesting game, but master the difficulty! Unique game goals and dozens of entertainment barriers!

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