Amazing Bubble Connect

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Amazing Bubble Connect is a puzzle game where you drag lines over bubbles to clear them and earn points. In this relaxing puzzle experience, you must connect multiple bubbles of the same color by dragging your finger or cursor across them. Connect four bubbles into a square shape in order to fire a Color Bomb, which will destroy every dot with the same color. If you connect four bubbles horizontally, it will fire a Line Bomb and clear the entire row. Connecting five bubbles grants you a Wildcard Bubble. With the Wildcard Bubble power-up, you can connect two bubbles in any color! You also need to pay attention to the Bomb Bubble, as it has a timer on it. You must clear this bubble before the timer runs out, otherwise it will deduct from your points. And don't forget to share Amazing Bubble Connect with your friends, and find out who among you is the fastest at getting the highest score!

You must connect multiple bubbles by dragging your cursor across them. Every successful connection clears the tiles and earns you points.

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